Commercial Loans & Lending

Customized solutions for your business or investment needs.

  • Commercial Mortgages – Whether you need funding for acquisition, refinance, renovation, or construction of commercial real estate. Solutions are available for a variety of property types, including multi-family, mixed-use, office, retail, industrial/R&D, and others.
  • Business Line of Credit – A business line of credit to address working capital needs.
  • Term Loans – To finance equipment purchases.
  • Excelsior Growth Fund – Explore quick and easy access to small business loans under $100,000. First National Bank LI is pleased to announce a partnership with Pursuit Lending to provide The Pursuit SmartLoan. Third-Party Terms Apply.

Why Us?

For a seamless Commercial Lending experience from inquiry, negotiation to loan closing, contact the team that always puts you first.

  • Our lenders will evaluate your business and create a solution tailored to your needs
  • Personalized service from a locally invested team
  • Coupled services provide for a truly optimized lending plan

Competitive Rates and Flexible Terms

Whether you’re a seasonal or growing business, managing your cash flow is easier with First National Bank LI.

  • Competitive variable interest rates
  • First National Bank LI underwrites and services all Commercial Mortgages, Lines of Credit, and Term Loans
  • Secured and unsecured loans are available
  • Control the timing of your advances and repayment/reduction

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