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Meet The Bankers:
Brian Emigholz

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending Team Leader

Brian Emigholz, Senior Vice President, Team Leader of the Commercial Lending Group at First National Bank LI.

Describe how you helped a client grow their business.
Recently we funded some infrastructure improvements to a client’s business where it helped them increase their sales and profitability.

What qualities should someone look for in a banker?
The qualities that a business owner should look for within a Banker is somebody that's reliable. That they’re there to help them out personally and their business and also maybe just keep on top of the trends within the industry. If they see anything going on, this way they can maybe help the customer out with different aspects on their financial position within the Bank.

What are the benefits of using a Community Bank?
The benefits of a Community Bank is the client service that the Community Bank offers with direct contacts with your Branch Managers and your commercial lenders, as well as quick turnaround time since all decisions are made on Long Island.

How do you help connect businesses across Long Island?
On a regular basis we try to bring clients together to refer business back and forth. One of the things I like to do too is mini luncheons or events. We were actually just at luncheon the other day and the customer is looking to relocate and he happens to need cold storage space and we know somebody that's building something right on 110 that has cold storage space and we linked them together.

What is a fun fact of yourself?
A fun fact about myself is I was rolling dough before I was lending dough. I used to be a baker before I was a Banker.

Connect with Brian

SVP, Commercial Lending Team Leader

Brian Emigholz

SVP, Commercial Lending Team Leader