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Meet The Bankers:
Debbie Lapadula

Vice President, Southampton Branch Manager

My name is Debbie Lapadula and I'm Vice President, Branch Manager of the Southampton branch of First National Bank LI.

What banking solutions should more customers consider and why?
Customers should consider our online banking platforms. It's a great tool for them to save time. However, we're always available in the branches to help with all their banking needs.

What makes your community special?
I've lived on the East End for over 20 years and I just love the community. I'm always honored when a local business owner will come in that I happen to know and really feels that they want to bank with me because they trust me.

Tell Us A Fun Fact About Yourself!
A fun fact about myself. I love to work out. It's a great work-life balance for me. Pilates is my new favorite and it's a great way to meet people.

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VP, Branch Manager

Southampton Location VP, Branch Manager:

Debbie Lapadula

VP, Branch Manager