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Meet The Bankers:
Jennifer Marinacci

Vice President, Branch Market Manager

My name is Jennifer Marinacci and I am the Vice-President, Branch Market Manager of East Hampton and Southampton. My role as the Branch Market Manager is to assist with the business development within my market and that involves the partnership with my team and my partners. So, we focus on that personalized service and once we make that initial appointment with our business customer, we’ll go to their place of business, they get to meet the team will discuss with First National Bank LI has to offer to them and will also provide advice and solutions to assist with the growth of their business.

Why is personal banking still important in the digital world?

Even though there are many customers that are into the technology, there are many that are not and that's okay. We are still at the branch to provide that personalized service and assist our customers with the way that they prefer to do their banking.

What sets First National Bank LI aside from other banks?

What sets us aside from other Banks is that we are one of the only Community Banks around. We've been here for over 95 years were heavily involved with in our community outreach initiatives and we put our customers first.

What sets you apart from other bankers?

As a banker we not only know about our customers financial goals, but we know about them personally, we know about their families and we know what's most important to them.

A fun fact about yourself:

A fun fact about myself, is that I enjoy getting involved in the community outreach initiative. It’s something that I am very passionate about, I’ve been doing it for many years. I participated in Habitat for Humanity Event and what I love about First National Bank LI is that they promote work-life balance so that were able to get involved with our community and give back.

Connect with Jennifer

VP, Branch Market Manager

Jennifer Marinacci

VP, Branch Market Manager