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Meet The Bankers:
Ken Ruland

Senior Vice President, Middle Market Team Leader

My name is Ken Ruland, I'm a Senior Vice President, Middle Market Team Leader. My responsibilities include working with privately-held middle-market companies from Manhattan to Montauk.

What sets you and the Bank apart from others?

I view myself as an advisor to clients similar to their accountant or their attorney. Anyone can sell you a checking account or a loan; it’s what else does this person bring to the table for you as a business owner? First National Long Island can provide you with what any of the large banks in the community can do for companies without the silos or the delays that come with the big banks.

Describe how you helped a client grow their business:

Most recently, we were able to onboard a new client to First National and we were able to provide a line of credit to help them with purchasing so they can get what they needed at a discount. We also refinanced their mortgage at a much lower rate than they previously had at their other institution and thirdly we were able to provide term loans for specific equipment that they needed to expand their distribution here on Long Island.

Word of advice for students looking to enter the field of Banking:

For young people looking to start a career in finance or banking, I would suggest to latch on and grab a mentor early on in your career and simply do one thing- listen. Try to build your network with professionals early on, utilize tools that you're given, and obviously, listen to your mentor, go on calls when you can, meet with clients of the bank, meet with prospects and understand what their needs are.

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SVP, Middle Market Team Leader

Ken Ruland

SVP, Middle Market Team Leader