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Meet The Bankers:
Rich O'Rourke

Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Team Leader

Hi, I'm Rich O'Rourke, I am a Senior Vice President and Commercial Real Estate Lending Team Leader. I'm in charge of Commercial Real Estate Lending group for the Bank.

Why are community banks important?
From the top-down perspective, we are more nimble. We can react very quickly to the market place, when we need decisions made, we can get right to the top line that we need to. We have people that are able and willing to go out and meet with a client at a moment's notice. The one thing people cannot say about many Banks,
but they can about 1N, is we have a very, very strong reputation in the industry when it comes to delivery of what we say we're going to do and then when we follow
through and do.

Why is knowing our customers and creating relationships important?
It's imperative that we get to know the clients very well and they get to know us very well. They trust that we can be someone who they can rely on and continue to help them to strive towards greater business developments and successes.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I am quite the sports fan. That's why I think the word fanatic came from, because I am a fanatic when it comes to sports. Although I have to admit I have started to have a bit of maturity. I've decided that there's only so much I can do yelling at a television to help the Giants, or the Yankees, or the Islanders, or any of the teams I root for, actually do what they're supposed to do and clearly it does not work when it comes to yelling at the referees through the TV. I found that out it only took me about 20 or 30 years to figure it out, but I think it sunk in.

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SVP, Commercial Real Estate Team Leader

Rich O'Rourke

SVP, Commercial Real Estate Team Leader