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Meet The Bankers:
Sal Giunta

Vice President, Garden City Branch Manager

My name is Sal Giunta. I am a VP, Branch Manager. I manage the Howard Beach location. Proud to say we opened up the first branch in the outer boroughs.

Why should you use a local lender?
As a branch manager, we get involved locally with the community. We get to know and understand our community's needs and understand what they may be going through. I have been working in Howard Beach for 18 years. With superstorm Sandy, I really got to know the clients upfront and personal. And having someone who understands the local environment can help suggest certain financial solutions to their issues. For instance, a home equity loan for when the storm will come again.

Describe how you helped a client grow their business.
I'm a relationship guy. Most of my clients have been with me for 10+ years. I get to know them, and I get to know their businesses very well and I get to understand what their pain points are with certain things. One of the customers I had just brought on over, which I’ve known for a long time, had an issue with fraud. So, with that, I introduced Positive Pay, and with our product Positive Pay, it gave him a certain comfort factor. Once that was all connected, he loves us.

Why is personal banking still important in the digital world?
The digital world can't see it customers face or their emotion when they're telling you they're going to have their first child, to understand what they're going through. To plan financially for not only that event but for their retirement, and that's why building relationships with your local branch managers is so important. We can help you find solutions to almost any financial problems you may be having.

Tell Us A Fun Fact About Yourself!
Fun fact about me is I like to travel. Now, what I like to do in my travels is actually pin my destination to where there's a Hard Rock Café. Why? Because they always put them in really nice spots. So at this moment in time, I am at 48 Hard Rocks and I do have a plan for the 49th this year.

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VP, Branch Manager

Garden City Location VP, Branch Manager: