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Meet The Bankers:
Toni Valente

Senior Vice President, Branch District Manager

My name is Toni Valente, I am a Senior Vice President, Branch District Manager at First National Bank LI.

How do businesses benefit from working with 1N?

Businesses benefit working with us because it's not just a local branch manager that takes an interest in their business, the whole Bank does. We have a team of people stemming from the branch manager, myself, commercial lenders, our partners with First Investments, Heartland, Rocket Mortgage- they all take an interest in the business and we all want to help them move to the next level and be as successful as they can be.

Why is knowing our customers and creating relationships important?

Having relationships with our customers is so important. The relationships I've had with some of our clients I've had for years. I've seen them get married, buy a home have children and grandchildren, retire and we've helped them every step of the way and that really is what we're here for.

What is the greatest strength of the First National Bank LI team?

Our greatest strength is our culture and our people. The people here really truly care about our customers and they go above and beyond and always try to do their best to ensure that the customers needs are met.

A fun fact about yourself.

A fun fact about me is that I am a huge superhero fan and for my birthday every year my kids birthday present to me is to go see the newest Marvel movie that comes out and we actually may have visited, ComicCon a time or two.

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SVP, Branch District Manager

Toni Valente

SVP, Branch District Manager