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Statement from First National Bank LI

Dear Customers, Employees and the Communities We Serve,

The events these past several days have shaken confidence regarding the safety of bank deposits throughout the country. Please be aware that Federal regulators took decisive action to fully protect all depositors of the two troubled institutions and to make funding available to help ensure banks can meet the needs of their depositors.

At The First National Bank of Long Island, safety and soundness have always been and remain a top priority and we have consistently managed the Bank in a conservative manner.

What we do:

• Know our customers, they are a diverse group of local businesses and consumers. Most have banked with us for many years because of our stability and solid reputation.
• Have a 95-year history of safety and soundness with historically low levels of problem loans, even throughout past periods of economic instability including the Great Recession.
• Maintain high levels of capital and appropriate loan loss reserves to offset potential losses.
• Maintain available sources of liquidity to meet the needs of our depositors.
• Stand ready to support the borrowing and cash management needs of our customers.

We do not:

• Have any business related to digital or crypto assets.

Banking is a business of mutual trust. We trust our customers to manage their finances in a responsible manner. We believe we earned the trust of our customers by serving their financial needs through all business cycles. I, and the senior leadership team, stand ready to answer any of your questions. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty to The First National Bank of Long Island.

Christopher Becker
President and Chief Executive Officer