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Meet The Bankers:
Angela Reese

Senior Vice President, Branch District Manager

I’m Angela Reese, Senior Vice President and Branch District Manager at First National Bank LI. I cover both the North and the South Fork's. I came to First National Bank in 2020 as the Riverhead Market Manager, promoted to Branch District Manager in 2023. I truly enjoy going out with my customers, going to see my branches, and just being out in the community.

How can businesses benefit from working with 1N?
Businesses are known from the top down here, at First National Bank LI that is one of the key benefits of working for Community Bank.

Why do you feel knowing our customers and creating relationships is important?
Here at First National Bank LI, our relationships are key, we are out in the community. We provide commercial loans, residential loans, cash management, or if they the customer just want to come by to the branch say hello, they do, it’s great.

What has been the secret to your success in your career?
My secret is being out in the community, being around all my family and friends having all their support and everyone here at the Bank. I’m past President of the Riverhead Rotary, the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce but quite honestly I've made the best friends there and they're not only my friends but also clients.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love roller skate, actually, I met my husband at a roller skating ring and all our family has been skating since the kids were small, and he always jokes and says has a family that skates together stays together.

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SVP, Branch District Manager

Angela Reese

SVP, Branch District Manager