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Meet The Bankers:
Robert Grady

Senior Vice President, Director of Middle Market Lending

Hi, I'm Bob Grady. I'm the Director of Middle-Market Lending. I run a team of seasoned middle-market Bankers as well as handling a commercial portfolio of my own.

Why should you use a local lender?
You should use a local lender because all of the decisions are made locally by local people. Nothing is outsourced through out-of-state where all of our credit decisions are made in-house.

Describe how you helped a client grow their business.

I’ve helped a lot of different clients grow their business over the years in one instance, I helped a client that they were expanding, and they might need to acquire a new building or construct a new building because of the rapid growth in the hiring of their employees.

What advice would you give to someone starting their business?
To build a team of trusted advisors, make sure you have a banker that listens and understands your needs, as well as an accountant, that will not just do your tax returns but give you advice, and also help with reporting to the banks, and an attorney that understands business law and real estate law. That's important because the process will go much smoother when it’s time to close with your Bank.

Meet Bob Grady

SVP, Director of Middle Market Lending