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Introducing New Brand: Go First. Go Far.

The First National Bank of Long Island Launches New Branding

(November 30, 2020, Glen Head, NY) The First National Bank of Long Island (“the Bank,” “First National”) the sole banking subsidiary of The First of Long Island Corporation, today announced the introduction and roll-out of its new branding initiative.

The Bank’s branding work began nearly a year ago. The challenge was to embrace the strengths garnered through a rich 93-year history while conveying the modern, professional character of the Bank, as well as the range and depth of the Company as it is today. It was essential to maintain front and center that while The First National Bank of Long Island has a fresh, new look, it is in fact the same great bank its customers know and value. The “Customer First” banking experience for which First National is known remains the linchpin of the Bank’s core culture and brand.

The Bank’s first ad in the campaign, the “launch ad,” features an illustration of a rocket. It’s headline, “GoFirst and see how far you can go.” led the creative team to the tagline, “Go First. Go Far.” It is a succinct communication of the significant advantages of banking with First National: going “first,” being top priority, and being able to go farther towards one’s financial goals as the result of banking with First National. It is also a call to action by way of the invitation to “Go First,” meaning “choose First National.”

The Bank’s new logo was designed to incorporate the Bank’s name into a graphic that would be distinctive, legible and easily recognizable. A highlight of the Bank’s updated branding is a state of the art, custom website.

President & CEO Chris Becker commented, “In our advertising and on the new website you will see a consistent theme, ‘Let’s connect.’ As banking customers utilize online delivery channels to access services and information 24/7, we want to enhance their experience by providing convenient access to accounts and information. Yet the emphasis on ‘Let’s connect’ recognizes that our most significant strength as a Company is our ‘people,’ who consistently go to extraordinary lengths to deliver service that is a cut above.”

The First National Bank of Long Island was recently recognized as the “Best Small Bank in New York State” in Newsweek’s Best Banks 2021.

About The First National Bank of Long Island

With a network of fifty locations, the Bank serves the financial needs of privately-owned businesses, professionals, consumers, public bodies and other organizations primarily in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, and the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Corporation is traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the ticker symbol FLIC. For more information about the Corporation, please click on the Investor Relations link at the top of this page.

For more information, contact Carrie Genoino, VP, Marketing & Public Relations Director (516) 671-4900 x7272