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Remote Work and Cybersecurity

Working from home is not a new concept. Also known as Telework, remote work, or telecommuting, working from home is a new norm for select employees at many businesses. The percentage of employees working remotely has more than doubled post-pandemic, with hybrid work another popular option. Home networks generally don’t offer the advanced protections that corporations employ, so follow these best practices when working from home to secure your workspace, and your private life:

  • Set the Mood – Find a secure spot in your home that allows you to maximize productivity so that there are few distractions. Ensure a safe/secure space for storing sensitive information.
  • Secure Devices – Routers, Wi-Fi and everything on the home network should be updated and patched regularly.
  • Wi-Fi – If possible, use a different Wi-Fi network name (aka SSID) for work, separate from your personal, home Wi-Fi.
  • Invest in a VPN – Establish a VPN "Virtual Private Network," easily available from most computer app stores. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and make it more difficult to track your activities online to steal data.
  • Passwords – Make sure to use passwords strong using at least 15 characters, numbers, symbols. Update regularly, and do not reuse passwords across your business and professional accounts.
  • Personal or Business – Do not use personal devices to access work resources or email, or the opposite. Do not share storage tools (ex. flash drives) between devices.
  • Phishing/Smishing – Always be cautious of any email or text message asking to open attachments, click on links, or requesting sensitive or important information.

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